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Installing McAfee Antivirus using Compact Disk


Antivirus provides users with a solution to their security requirements, be it email, surfing and protecting the site, in addition to blocking threats such as viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malware infections. There are two methods for installing McAfee anti-virus software. One of them is what we have explained here, and the other is from the World Wide Web.

Before Start Installation

Before starting the installation process, we assume that you now have a McAfee Handy antivirus CD. You can send a telephone service to send if you do not own it. You can visit a computer center authorized by McAfee to find the installation disk. Keep the McAfee documentation or Handy manual as it may have the product key printed.

Also, if you're installing McAfee for the first time on your computer, do a few things to make sure that McAfee is working properly. If you have other software installed, remove it completely from your computer. Two programs are prone to regular and widespread malfunction, in addition to showing one error message.

Insert The McAfee CD into the CD drive

Insert the McAfee installation disc into your computer's CD drive. Wait for the moment that is automatic. The McAfee Security Setup window will appear. Click Next. When no automatic prompt appears, click Start and go to My Computer (Computer if it's Windows 7, 8 and 10 or Vista). Double-click on a removable CD drive such as AD. The McAfee installation CD will be launched by it.

Follow Below Instruction:

Click Next in the McAfee Setup window. Click to take the license agreement, then press OK or the neighbor button (whatever you visit) to go to the next screen. Choose Normal or Custom if you are prompted to choose the type of installation. Click on it when you have another alternative and press the button. If prompted, follow the instructions. Choose your security level and press. When prompted, press the Install button.

If you want the latest viruses and virus updates to be downloaded and installed, click Update Now. Click Finish. Follow the procedure, download and install it and it will check for updates. Restart the computer when done. Your personal computer will ask you to reinstall. After installation is complete, restart if not.

When you're done, you'll discover the McAfee shortcut on your desktop screen. The M icon will appear on the taskbar. Click the Start menu if you don't find the shortcut icon on your desktop, then go to All Programs. The McAfee Security Center is registered there, right-click on it and select Send to, then point to Desktop (create shortcut). The McAfee shortcut will be available on your desktop.


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